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-Fred Rogers

Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Surrogacy Story

During my most recent HypnoBirthing Childbirth Education Childbirth Education series at Little Company of Mary Hospital in Evergreen Park, IL, I had one expectant mom with a very unique, and in my opinion, super cool situation. This mom already had  four children of her own, and she was getting ready to birth twins for another family.

She was a surrogate.
How awesome.

I've dreamt of being a surrogate for a family who couldn't carry a baby or babies to term. I doubt I'll ever have the ability to make that dream a reality, so having this mom in my Hypno class was nothing short of amazing.

**As a side note...this mom birthed all of her biological children with medication, so this would be her first "natural birth" experience.

A few weeks ago I received this email, and my heart nearly exploded. I hope you enjoy reading this birth story as much as I did!

I wanted to share with you my birth story! Feel free to share it on Gentle Beginning Facebook Page or your website/blog.

On July 8 I was 35w4d along with surrogate boy/girl twins when we went in for a non-stress test and a weekly check up. As I was being swabbed for the group b strep, he decided to check for dilation since I had some minor contractions the day before. He was surprised to find I was already 6 cm and 100% effaced. He suggested we arrive at the hospital soon so things could happen under a controlled setting. My labors always went quick, and being my 5th pregnancy, we were sure this wouldn't be different.

In a few short hours, around 2 o'clock, Mom, Dad, and I all arrived at the hospital. I was hooked up to monitors and an IV since I forgot to eat before showing up and my sugar was low. All was good, but an ultrasound showed Baby B was breech and I was starting to worry we'd have to go through trying to flip him after his sister came out, or possibly end up with a c-section.

Within a few hours my contractions were beginning to become regular, but not a single one was more than uncomfortable! I was shocked at how easily I could breathe through them. By 8 pm my dr. arrived and checked me and broke my water. I was 8 cm. Even then the contractions weren't bad at all. By 8:40 I was wheeled into the OR for delivery. We were all so excited to meet these babies!

When we got into the OR, there were about 16 people in there. They all treated me like a superstar, having not received an epidural! The anesthesiologist explained to me that if they needed to do a section, I would be put under rather quickly and the parents would be rushed out. I was ok with that, but my dr. was willing to do a breech extraction on Baby B, which I was actually happy to hear. Anything but a c-section!

Well, with about 15 minutes of contractions in the OR and 3 pushes later, Baby A was born at 8:56 pm. Leyla Lesley was 5 lbs. 11 oz. and 18 3/4 in. long. After a quick ultrasound, it was confirmed that Baby B was head down. I was so happy!! However, he hung out high up in my ribs for so long, so it took quite a while for him to find his way down. Lots of intense pushing later, Baby B was born at 9:36. Aidan Henry was 5 lbs. 12 oz. and 18 3/4 in. long. It was amazing they were virtually the same exact sizes!

Ok, so these aren't really the twins, but aren't these two adorable??

I am so grateful for having taken your HypnoBirthing class. I listened to the relaxation music throughout the pregnancy, and I believe that really helped me. I was so relaxed in the labor room that I didn't even need to listen to the music. I recited it in my head when I needed to, and I felt so at ease. As for when I needed to push, I focused on breathing down like you had taught us and listening to my body. I trusted everything that was happening was for the health of me and those babies.

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and having faith I could birth these babies un-medicated. Between that and the surrogacy experience, I am not sure which to be prouder of! But I do feel so empowered with myself now!

The twins are completely healthy and the parents are so happy! Thank you for being a part of their lives!

How. Awesome. Was. That???!!!

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  1. The best precious gift in this world is to be parents. Spreading happiness through surrogacy is a good thought.