"Parents are like shuttles on a loom. They join the threads of the past with threads of the future and leave their own bright patterns as they go."
-Fred Rogers

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Satya's Birth at Home

I'm excited to be sharing another home birth story. I hope you enjoy reading the birth story of Satya, as told from her mama's perspective.
I met Tricia online and was so ecstatic because, just having moved here from California, I had little support here in Illinois for my first pregnancy, especially with plans to take the homebirth route. My husband was fabulous, but we both had many questions about what to expect. Well, when we started our Hypnobirthing series with Tricia in January of 2012, we finally started getting answers from someone who had a wealth of knowledge and experience in both the hospital and home setting. By the time the series was over, all of our questions had been answered and we actually felt prepared for whatever was to come. Here’s my story:
My blood pressure began to rise at about 7 months into my pregnancy, which made us all very nervous and confused, since I had very healthy eating and exercise habits. At 41 1/2 weeks when my BP reached 140/90 I started experimenting with castor oil to augment labor so I could still have my baby at home. If my BP went up any more I’d have to be admitted to the hospital to be hooked up to monitors and IV, which was not my optimal birth plan. I started drinking castor oil by the ounce on Saturday and my surges increased but not enough to start labor. So I made an appointment with an Acupuncturist in Chicago. I don’t know if it was the session itself, or the black and blue cohosh tincture I started taking that helped the most, but this is when I consider my labor truly beginning. Now it was Monday evening and I pushed my baby out gently and beautifully in my own bed on Tues night, 30 hours later.


I give thanks for the techniques I learned in Hypnobirthing to help me get through that very long 30 hours. Using the breathing and meditational techniques from the Rainbow Relaxation CD, I was able to stay calm the ENTIRE time and after 2 hours of pushing (and a huge grunt from mama) out popped Satya Aida right at 12:00 am on 4/4/12. Her little fist was pressed next to her little cheek and was stuck behind my cervix, which was the probable cause of the long and painful pushing session. If it wasn’t for Tricia and Hypnobirthing I don’t know how I would have made it through!


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