"Parents are like shuttles on a loom. They join the threads of the past with threads of the future and leave their own bright patterns as they go."
-Fred Rogers

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

HypnoBirthing and Doula Testimonials and Maternity Leave

I am only 23 days away from my baby's "guess date"! As I prepare to meet my new little one I find myself looking within and becoming reflective about the recent events in my life.

During the past 5 years I have worked with close to 200 women/couples as they have prepared for and welcomed their new babies into the world and I still feel honored everytime someone asks me to help her during her pregnancy and her baby's birth. I can't even begin to explain how much I have learned about life during the past 5 years. I know that I have found something that few people ever find-I've found a way to get paid for what I enjoy doing most!

I will be taking a break from attending births for about 9 months, however, I will begin teaching HypnoBirthing classes again mid-January 2010. If you or someone you know and love is pregnant, please have them contact me about my upcoming HypnoBirthing classes at fitzer21@hotmail.com or 773-620-3829.

I have received many comments and testimonials from the moms and dads I have worked with. I've included some below:
HypnoBirthing Testimonials

“When I was pregnant with my son Adam, I imagined a labor and birth that was calm, gentle and I wanted to be connected with my husband and new baby. I found that HypnoBirthing with Tricia was a gift and a connection that gave Adam not just the chance to be born healthy but to thrive. Before he was born I looked forward to having time together everyday listening to the rainbow relaxation CD. If I ever had doubts or fears about the pregnancy or birth I would listen to it day or night and I would immediately become calm. I found that the classes that Tricia lead gave us a whole new perspective about what our roles were as parents and Adam's birth. My husband really wanted to be the person at my side and Tricia supported us and checked in and kept us both in a calm state of mind. I love how Adam came into this world at 9 lbs 4 oz. My labor was focused, gentle and loving (and totally drug free). I really believe that because Tricia, Alex, Adam and my midwife all worked together as a team, my environment and how I wanted to birth Adam was supported, uncomplicated and truly the greatest moment in my life. Thanks Tricia!”
- Dr. Laura Ledger
Cedar Rapids, Iowa (formerly of Chicago)

“My husband and I weren't exactly sure what to expect from HypnoBirthing classes, we just knew we wanted to try for an unmedicated birth with as little intervention as possible. Tricia was an excellent educator; she really opened our eyes to the world of gentle birthing. We used the deep relaxation techniques, and our daughter was born naturally in under six hours. It was such an amazing experience, thank you Tricia!
And that's the truth! Thank you for everything, we couldn't have done it without you.”
Carly Majszak & Andy Olczak

“To call Tricia’s HypnoBirthing class educational and resourceful will not do it justice, it was also truly inspirational. We loved watching the tapes of natural births. My husband and I learned a lot about natural birth in the class and it gave us confidence that we can do our VBAC naturally. After class: When I went into labor, there was absolutely no panic. We put most of the techniques we learned to work and gave birth to our beautiful baby daughter 100% naturally! We finally had the birth we had always wanted.

Through HypnoBirthing, I was able to give my baby the gift of a birth without drugs and myself a gift of a VBAC. It was a wonderful spiritual experience. I focused inwards, meditated and was swaying peacefully during the second stage of labor. Having seen both ways of giving birth, drug-free natural birth rocks! I really experienced the pleasure of giving birth. My baby found my nipples and started nursing spontaneously when I held her skin-to-skin just a few minutes after birth. That is the ‘proof in the pudding’ that HypnoBirthing works.”
Hema Sundaram
Chicago, IL

“HypnoBirthing was extremely valuable. It provided my husband and me with a variety of tools to help us through the birthing process. This was especially beneficial for my husband because he learned what he could do to help me. The class also forced my husband and I to take the time to discuss the type of birth experience we wanted and what we needed from each other, the hospital, and the healthcare providers for that to take place. Because of HypnoBirthing, I really felt like I was in control of my birth and had a wonderful experience.”
Deirdre Brown
Elmhurst, IL

"Unfortunately I was induced but I had a great, supportive nurse who kept the Pitocin low, 30 minutes after my doctor broke my water, I went into Hard labor, I breezed through transition and began pushing 45 minutes later! I laid back, let my body take over and Zachary was born about 30 minutes later - I was surprised at how easy my birth really was! What a miracle to experience labor and delivery and to see this amazing, beautiful baby boy in my arms!"
Samantha and Evan Dench
Zachary Dench, born 12-24-07

“HypnoBirthing is an empowering, natural childbirth method. It allowed us to have the birth we desired: peaceful, relaxed, and most importantly, drug-free.”
Julie and Shaun Krueger
Oak Park, IL

“I found Tricia to be very knowledgeable and helpful in the last few months of my pregnancy and during the birth of my son, Jonah. HypnoBirthing helped me through labor even though I ended up having a Cesarean. Tricia is one of the most caring people I have ever met, her soothing presence, encouragement, and proactive attitude as a doula helped me through all the unexpected situations that arose during Jonah's birth. I feel so blessed to have had her there!”
Elizabeth, Aaron and Jonah Groff (5/29/08)
Crete, IL

“I recommend Trish's class to everyone who has any fear for their pregnancy and labor or who wants to have a fear-free, comfortable, easy birth. I think HypnoBirthing is the best method and the best way of getting prepared for the birth of any baby and Trish has executed a wonderful class. We definitely used the variety of information and samples provided in the classes during our beautiful daughter's birth. HypnoBirthing in general and Trish's class is definitely helpful, even if you plan or end up with c-section.”
Ebru, mother of Asya Cansu (born Feb 18, 2008)

“My wife was completely excited about the class. I, however, was a bit skeptical and decided to attend solely for support. I was surprised to see there was a very down to earth approach on Trish's part which I appreciated as a "not so spiritual" type of guy. The class was also great in the sense that it confirmed or re-affirmed thoughts and approaches I already had in mind. In summary, I'd say the class was great and helpful. I learned a lot.”
Renny, father of Asya Cansu (born Feb 18, 2008)

“We wanted to try the natural route for my second birth and HypnoBirthing seemed to be the most gentle and relaxing. Class was exactly that, relaxing and also very informative. Tricia made giving birth sound like the natural process it was created to be and de-medicalized the birthing process. I am proud to say that my daughter was born without the use of pain medication. It was a great experience.”
Michelle Fregoso

"Tricia was a wonderful HypnoBirthing instructor and doula for us. She truly helped to make the birthing of our daughter an amazing experience. I would recommend her services to everyone!"
Lindsay and Matt Gopin
Chicago, IL

“Being pregnant for the first time, I did not know what to expect during labor and delivery. I took Tricia's HypnoBirthing class with my husband and found the information and relaxation techniques to be indispensable! The tools learned still help me today to relax and center myself as a new mom. I will use this method with all my births!”

“I hesitated when my wife said she wanted to take a HypnoBirthing class and have a Doula present at our first child's birth. I did not know much about child birth at the time, and I thought it sounded a little weird. It was the best decision we could have made. I learned what to expect and how to help my wife relax and focus. As a Doula, Tricia helped my wife in ways I could not. Her presence was calming to not only my wife but to me as well and she helped make a very difficult day easier. I am forever grateful.”
Jessica and Mike McCarihan
Chicago, IL

Doula Testimonials

“Being pregnant for the first time, I was naturally anxious about labor and delivery. Having Tricia present at my birth as a Doula was one of the best decisions I have ever made (honestly!). Her knowledge, support and calming presence helped my husband and I through a 23 hour labor, including a c-section, and I intend to have her present at all of my births. She is an amazing woman and now a good friend.”

“I hesitated when my wife said she wanted to take a HypnoBirthing class and have a Doula present at our first child's birth. I did not know much about child birth at the time, and I thought it sounded a little weird. It was the best decision we could have made. I learned what to expect and how to help my wife relax and focus. As a Doula, Tricia helped my wife in ways I could not. Her presence was calming to not only my wife but to me as well and she helped make a very difficult day easier. I am forever grateful.”
Jessica and Mike McCarihan
Chicago, IL

“Tricia was an unbelievably calming presence during my VBAC – she was a confident and focused presence and helped me to stay present and calm. From the talks we shared before, through the actual birth and afterward – she shared wonderful information, personal experience and gave me the confidence I needed. My baby just turned one, and I will always remember his birth and Tricia’s role in that great day!”

“I wasn’t sure what to expect from having a doula at our second birth, but my wife really wanted one to have a successful VBAC. Tricia right away made me feel comfortable in her role, didn’t take anything away from me and in fact I was able to follow her lead in what to say and do to make my wife comfortable. I’m not sure I would have been able to enjoy the event as much without her there – helping me just as much as she helped my wife”
Much love,
Elizabeth and Greg Kachoris
Bolingbrook, IL

“Without Tricia's help, I doubt I could have made it through 25 hours of labor to have the unmedicated VBAC delivery I wanted. She came to my house in the wee hours of the morning and stayed with me until Ada was born around 10pm, suggesting laboring positions, reminding me of HB techniques, offering me food and drink and cheerleading me through a stalled labor and a rough transition.”
Ada, born 7/17/07
Alma & Josh Klein
Oak Park, IL

“Tricia, our instructor for HypnoBirthing classes, was also our doula. Tricia was absolutely wonderful. I had my husband, my mom and Tricia as my support team. Tricia made sure everyone felt they were part of the birthing process. She was there the whole time when I needed her. She understood my need for a VBAC totally and provided emotional and physical support throughout my labor. She took cues on what I needed without even me asking for anything. She even remembered that aromatherapy relaxed me and came prepared. We loved having Tricia in the birthing room with us so much, we always think of her when we think of the warm memories of having a calm natural birth of our beautiful baby daughter. Thanks Tricia!”
Hema Sundaram
Chicago, IL

“I would not have been able to go through my 34 hour labor without Tricia; she not only helped me but my husband as well. We decided not to vaccinate and the hospital wasn't very helpful, but having Tricia there was the support we needed to stand our ground."
Kelly and Greg Dettlaff
Crete, IL
Daughter Molly 5/17/07